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  • Yannis 24/12/2007 20:23

    Well done, great shot!
  • Giorgos Fidanas 01/04/2007 18:06

    Very nice, the girl is gorgeus.
  • Dirk Hofmann 01/04/2007 12:09

    yep ... a beautiful looking girl - my best greetings ... ;-)

    the "holes" kenny mentiones are overexposures which really don't suit the photo too well ... to aviod them you should experiment a bit more with the setting of your lights and the camera settings ... :-) (especially the spot to measure the light).

    the pose and the warm touch of the lights are a matter of taste ... i would even think about having it (with a different light setting) in black and white ... ;-)

    but it is much better than a lot of other stuff i've seen today ... ;-))

  • bruno. 31/03/2007 20:09

    not just basics... good!
  • Kenny Jazz 19/03/2007 8:56

    I see .. she has got something what i adore in woman - feminity. And also looks like one of the great russian movie actress - Renata Litvinova... Good catched mood exept a little bit active light holes on a face and shoulder.