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Auswitch 2004

I ahve had many people comment on the fact that this picture would be more sticking in B&W with coloured flowers. My mind plays tricks on me and when I close this picture that is exactly how I remmeber it, and I wanted to keep that effect so left it in colour.

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  • Regina Ray 28/11/2004 19:38

    naaah... try if you want, but i do like it that way. the colors are ok in both ends - kinda frame.
    it actually contributes to the concept (which ai love, by the way!!!!)
  • FERRY TENTUA 22/11/2004 22:02

    *** Hello Lee,
    You have to try to change this picture in B/W and coloured the fowers, you will see, what kind of effect it will have!..really!

    Best regards.Ferry