Artzuid in Amsterdam

Artzuid in Amsterdam

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Ayse Nalan Yasin

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Artzuid in Amsterdam

For searching for Utopia the artist Jan Fabre was inspired by the book Utopia writen by English statesman and humanist Thomas More in 1516,
describing an imaginary island with an ideal political system.
In the sculpture Fabre depicts himself riding a huge tortoise,
looking out to sea for the island Utopia.
By choosing a tortoise as his steed he is saying that the desired destination should be reached at a leisurely pace rather than in a rush..

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  • paolomia 28/09/2012 18:24

    Excellent j'aime beaucoup...le même mais à Nieuwpoort....bravo

    tout mes amitiés
  • Carole59 19/10/2011 6:57

    une utopie excellente que je n'avais pas remarquée lors de mes passages à Amsterdam
  • Cécile Fischer 15/10/2011 23:49

    Das ist ja eine Riesenschildkröte! Ein wundervolles Motiv, hast Du hervorragend fotografiert. Kompliment!
    Liebe Grüsse,
  • Rosetta4 15/10/2011 20:42

    Magnifique image, la tortue est immense dans
    ce parc. Belles couleurs, bon travail.
    Amitiés, Rosetta
  • Andi Heinze 12/10/2011 17:41

    Sehr interessante Aufnahme, gefällt mir
  • CsomorLászló 11/10/2011 17:31

    A great docu shot!

  • Adele D. Oliver 10/10/2011 21:23

    A great statue and representation of Fabre and his philosophy ... and a very good docu shot and interesting words.
    hugs, Adele
  • xxx xxx xxxx 10/10/2011 20:39

    Buena foto documento excelentemente editada.
  • Lawson McCulloch 10/10/2011 20:33

    A fine shot of this wonderful sculpture, and thank you for the explanation.
    best wishes from Lawson.
  • Angelika El. 10/10/2011 19:49

    What a great piece of art! It must be a wonderful litte parc there. This big turtle is a real eyxecatcher indifferent from which side you will see it...


  • s. sabine krause 10/10/2011 15:51

    wow, what a landmark! and yikes!! a work of art, but definitely transcending the border between art and kitsch, too – the narcissist arrogance of the golden tortoise rider – almost too much for my aesthetic self ; ))). what i like, though, is how the green lawn is being reflected in the tortoise's golden skin/shell! the composition of the shot is great, too, with the majestic trees even enhancing the glory of the tortoise ride – he's having his eyes closed, right? so maybe utopia is discoverd solely with the heart?! ; ) hugs, sabine.
  • Mark Billiau. 10/10/2011 12:05

    Good docu shot and very interesting information to read.



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