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Alex Fraser Bridge

Alex Fraser Bridge

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Detlef Klahm

Free Account, langley

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  • Detlef Klahm 04/02/2006 16:00

    is a bridge deck ever horizontal?
  • Andrew Denissov 13/09/2005 16:19

    i like it
  • Petra Finkenzeller 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    i think it's idea to shoot from the perspective you've gone for, but i agree with wovo that the lines would look much better either totally horizontal or totally not horizontal. Sorry, contra, even though i do like the idea as such.
  • Angel Pena 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

  • Siegfried Hansen 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    a good view

  • When 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    I think that it not being horizontal was made it more special to me. I would find it boring if it had been shot that way. I don't see the lack of sharpness. Could someone explain? It's very interesting to me how all the lines converge at the "jump off" point. Almost like a matrix. I see it as if I can almost walk down it like a sidewalk into nothingness.
  • Danny W. Wilson 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    Maybe if reshot with WOVO and Kay's advice, but as is, I just can't.....sorry
  • Kay Wölfle 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    The colours and the abstract look about it great. But I have to agree with wovo that the overall composition lacks a clearly defined concept. contra+ ;-)
    Greetings Kay
  • † wovo 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    I've some problems here:
    1. I thinks it lacks some sharpness.
    2. the lines should be horicontal - or even more out of the horizonal.
    sorry contra
  • When 13/09/2005 9:32 Voting comment

    There are just a lot of reasons that I wanted to propose this to the gallery. I really love abstracts and I think they are under represented. I think this one is really breath taking. First I love the vibrant colors, then the compostion and depth, the execution of perspective and presentation. I find it eye teasing and interesting. I hope others find it as inspiring.
  • Detlef Klahm 03/09/2005 1:59

    Thanks Wen P. You have made my day today with your delightful praises!
  • When 02/09/2005 8:22

    Wow, what composition! Color, depth. You have such a varied portfolio - but it's really the abstracts that take me away.
  • Detlef Klahm 23/08/2005 15:37

    Hi Anastasya! Thank You for commenting on my imges!
    The centre, diagonal, part is a column, looking straight up, the horizontal part is the bridge deck, cables are the rest of the image.
    take care!...detlef
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 23/08/2005 5:53

    very creative, the outline and arrangement do really good this one. However I am wondering which part of it is the bridge...The broad one at the center?
  • PINDORIUS 24/07/2005 9:58

    special composition. I like the lines.