A wonderful person ...

A wonderful person ...

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Dirk Hofmann

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A wonderful person ...

to meet is Else.

It was on Friday, my last day on the NORDIC LIGHT event at Kristiansund, when i met her.

I just had closed the internet café and was heading towards the "Nude workshop" to see at least the last hour of it, when I saw her sitting and smoking in a café on my way.

A few days before Arno Rafael Minkkinen , one of the exhibiting artists at the festival, caught me with an inpiring speech regarding a photographer's "evolution" and he brought it down to one sentence which I can't forget since then ... (you will learn about this sentence - this is for sure, but give me some time to work on the whole story).

This sentence was in my mind all the time since he passed it to me and it rang a alarm bell in my head when I saw her ...

Her relaxed way to smoke caught my attention and when I stepped forward I found out that she obviously smoked a lot. It were not only the yellow spots on her fingers which told me, but also a lot of tiny holes in her shirt, where the blaze of her cigarettes was fallen on to several times before.

I asked her for some photos and although she asked "Why would you need photos of me?" she allowed me to do them ...

When I sat down to have a smoke I found out, that her German was pretty good and we had a long talk about Kristiansund, Germany, Switzerland (where she worked as a young girl), World War II and our relationship to it ... Serious and funny things made time fly by.

She gave me her address and I promissed to send her prints of the photos. I will also pass along a letter and I'm pretty sure that we will continue our discussion from then this way ...

Well spent moments, that day ... another beautiful person I was allowed to meet ...

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  • Reinhard Wirtz 28/01/2011 1:16

    Ein feines Portrait! Es entstehen Vermutungen und Erzählungen, das Beste, was beim Betrachten von Bildern passieren kann. Die true story möchten wir gern erfahren.
    Reinhard Wirtz
  • Gabi Ciupa 24/05/2010 20:47

  • Ugur Akdeniz Akdeniz 10/05/2009 22:37

    real life, real composition, real photographer
  • BRYAN CRUTE 20/01/2007 21:28

    What a wonderful story, every picture tells a story and this excellent one is no exception.
  • Julia Kretsch 21/11/2006 22:30

    A wonderful person and a wonderful photo. Full of expression. Compliments.
  • Vesela Maleeva 01/11/2006 0:09

    This lady has character and personality, and definitely a concept of suffering. You have beautifully captured that above.
  • Aryono DJATI 11/10/2006 20:06

    well captured.
  • KasiaDesign 03/10/2006 21:50

    Great photo of a real character! Such a lovely story too. Reminds me of my wonderful landlady in Salzburg - at 82 her doctor suggested she should gave up downhill skiing... not because she wasn't fit, but 'cos her eyesight was getting poorly! She continued with cross-country;-)
    lg Kathryn
  • Bianca Ennes 03/10/2006 14:02

    She acts like she doesn´t care to the rest of the world. And although she looks old and lonely, she keeps her head high. Really interesting.
    I know this is about the pic but i have to say: Great text!

  • Dirk Hofmann 02/10/2006 9:20

    thank you all ... :-)
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 28/09/2006 3:58

    I love her attitude. Screw the high fat, high carb diet and give me a smoke. The only thing she is missing is a schnapps, but the wrinkles on her face tell me she has hoisted one or two in her lifetime. Thanks for the story. Patrick
  • Judy BPoint 17/09/2006 19:07

    heyyyy dirksi...ich wußte gar nicht, dass du wieder lebst:-)))
    aber ich freu mich:-))))

    charakterkopf :-))
    bussal ju
  • Model Valerija 11/09/2006 23:40

    LG Valerija
  • Neil Auty 11/09/2006 20:40

    Well caught candid shot.

    Neil A
  • Isa Tonga 10/09/2006 21:34

    i like your using light congrats...