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A Purple Piano in the Park

A Purple Piano in the Park

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A Purple Piano in the Park

New York never fails to provide a cornucopia of photographic motifs, whether on
a grand architectural scale or in unexpected gentle moments such as this one.

On my first afternoon out with the cameras during my June visit, I walked down
Madison Avenue from my hotel to the inviting Madison Square Park. There, at the
entrance, was this little bonus for any musically inclined passer-by, no matter their age.

I loved the way this cute little girl was relating to the keyboard of this happy-purple piano,
and I’d like to think that music is – and always will be – an enriching part of her life.

Through the afternoon and late evening, when I returned after dinner, there would be
many passers-by who would stop, whether to play Chopin, boogie-woogie, or just “improvise.”

This is one of many pianos, placed in public spaces by a non-profit group called
Sing for Hope. Volunteers keep an eye on the pianos and are ready to cover them
should a summer storm occur.

©2017 Steve Ember

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