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Dear visitor.


What shall I tell you?
First of all,
Nothing is of big importance to me, except for my family-unit.
Are “my” pictures of any importance? Sometimes they make me proud being the creator of something nice. But when you hold them up against other pictures, nature, famous paintings, pieces of art… I do realize that they are only…..bits of electronic dust.
Often, also, as well in my mind as in reality, I do stand still confronted with one or another event. Sometimes I do find the words, sometimes I do find the way to capture things in an image. But honestly what I like the most is that the image does find me.
Again, all of this is interesting, but of no importance.

What I like ?
Old buildings, modern art, and modern architecture
The sea
Van Gogh, Velasques, Hockney, Hopper, Van Eyck, Vermeer, Warhol, E. Claus, Monet, and many others.
Il postino, La Meglio Gioventu, White cat Black cat.
Karl De Keyzer
Bach, Mozart, Talking heads, Keith Jarret, Thelonius Monk, Sati, Marais, T.Chapmann, Arno ....
Good food.
An open fire and a touching book

Best regards,
see you

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  • mario.all 20/11/2017 19:23

    Thank you for your praise "Hot Coffee"
    It was nice.
  • Christos Banos 20/10/2016 15:29

    Thank you for your visit and commenting!
    rgrds, Christos
    enjoying sunbeams
    enjoying sunbeams
    Christos Banos
  • Heinz Homatsch 30/08/2016 18:37

    thanks Filip for your visit and comment
    la piccola nomade
    la piccola nomade
    Heinz Homatsch
  • Thomas Heartfelt 08/06/2016 15:11

    You are in Bruges, the most photogenic city of all ! Time stood still for centuries. A great place to shoot. Looking forward to studying your pictures. Thanks for the comment : )
    Greetings, Thomas
  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 01/12/2015 20:34

    Thank you very much for your comment...
    Kind regards, DIMITRIOS
  • Patricia González Schütz 16/11/2015 21:14

    ...nice comment :) thanks!
    Greetings from Italy!
  • Patricia González Schütz 26/10/2015 20:00

    Hi! And thank you for your comment...I did not stop for a coffee this time...too inspired shooting, I'll make sure I'll do it next time :)
    Greetings Filip,
  • Cameraqueen 23/05/2015 14:05

    Hallo Filip, thanks a lot for your comment. I like what you write about yourself. I would say "Oh yes" to most things.
    Have a nice day,
  • Silvana W. 27/02/2013 16:15

    Many thanks for your opinion ¡
    Best wishes
  • Lawson McCulloch 25/02/2013 20:49

    Hi Filip,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my shot Towering over the Houses.
    best wishes,
  • T-Tol 21/07/2012 11:16

    Viewed many pics of yours.
    If you say about them "they are only…..bits of electronic dust" ...what shall I do? Sell my camera at eBay:-).
    Your pictures are great.
  • krissu 24/08/2011 21:19

    Thank you, Filip!
  • Tap Cristina 15/01/2011 10:48

    Thanks a lot for yor comment :))))
  • Michael Grotkamp 27/11/2010 11:32

    hallo Filip, you are o.K.?
    was a open comment I´ve never heard in
    my short life. great. dankeschön !!
    tot sins, Michael
  • John Evans 11/09/2010 17:30

    HI Filip,Thank you for your kind comment on my photo: Street Entertainer(Fire) Regards from John.
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