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A fireman at work

A fireman at work

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A fireman at work

A fireman at work during a fire in my hometown this morning. I tryed to get another angel than just the ordinary flames. Here I took a picture with the truck in front. Comments?

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  • Dominic Falcone 29/11/2005 22:13

    HI Johan
    I tend to agree with the other comments, the blurring out of the foreground focuses attension on the fireman,the overall appearance of the pic makes a good photojournalism style of shot.
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 28/11/2005 22:20

    i agree, you definitly know whats happning here in this image, the right amount is blurred and the right amount is in focus also.
    great colours and capture, hopefully nobody was hurt in this fire, as you have great firemen on hand.

    well done i like this angle to the photo it gives it quite a bit of depth

    jaime :)
  • Johan Ardefors 28/11/2005 17:47

    Thanx Martin! /J
  • Martin Unger 28/11/2005 17:44

    I think this photo works fine, even if you don't see the flames it's obvious what's happening there. Good composition and DOF.
    Regards, Martin