A Change of Climate

A Change of Climate

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

A Change of Climate

The principal question remains, will any of this be around to photograph as long as Republicans, as well as Democrats do nothing to curb global warming? Corporate profits trump everything, including any reasonable and sane environmental policy.

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  • Ken Piros 05/09/2012 2:52

    Ok ....first of all there are no people in the image Glenn??? This must be some new style of street photography....called landscape?

    Well I must say you do that very well also.
  • Tadeusz Roguski 04/09/2012 22:35

    I'm really sorry these places are impossible for me. that touchings.
  • gemblue 03/09/2012 22:45

    A terrific shot Glenn!!! I am also very concerned about this, and although I am not a scientist to proof if this theory of global warming is indeed what is going on....I would hate to think about what our Kids Children will say about us if, it is true indeed!
  • Agelos Kardamilas 03/09/2012 21:58

  • BRYAN CRUTE 03/09/2012 19:58

    Global warming has finished !
    Its now being renamed as Climate change to save politicians embarrassment.
    Sadly I dont hold to all this theory, the planet has always had hot and cold cycles we may be accelerating them but we do not control mother nature. If governments push a theory down your throats and charge taxes for it beware !!
    Remember the millennium bug and the millions if not billions it cost us in taxes



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