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jhon martinvish

What is the best dSLR camera out there right now?

This is a fairly old topic but I'd like to add a few words nonetheless. When it comes to starting photography from scratch people's thinking is too much focused on the camera. In order to take the "greatest" photos you need 3 "things": The "best" camera, the "best" lens and the "best" photographer. And of course money mustn't be an issue.

But if money is indeed an issue and the photographer is not that great it's a different game. Honestly I'd be more concerned about the lens than about the camera. Any DSLR can take great pictures with a good lens but even the most expensive pro camera will take mediocre photos with a cheap lens. So as a rule of thumb I'd divide my budget into thirds, one third for the camera and two thirds on the lens(es). I think that would get you the most bang for your buck. But of course only if you don't need further accessories like flashes, a camera bag, filters etc. If you need those you should maybe get one less lens and buy those things instead. But think of all those things, getting a camera is not enough.

Oh and as much as the lenses are concerned: Buy lenses for full frame sensors, even if you start with an APS-C body. This way you can later upgrade to a full frame camera without having to get a full set of new lenses.
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Free Software for HDRI

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm not sure if this folder is right, but I have one question.

I wanted to engage myself with High dynamic range images (HDRI / multiple exposure / etc) again. I learned about it in my photography classes, produced 3 HDR images and stopped thinking about it afterwards. Because I did not like the results - the post proceeding time was enormous and unbearable confusing (thanks to papa Photoshop) Also I started disliking HDRI in general, because I saw so many unaesthetic images that I believed nothing good comes out of this art style.
BUT . . .
. . . recently I wanted to give it another chance. I did some multiple exposure and tried to put them together with the tool in Photoshop. But as feared, every time I converted the HDR into editable image to Photoshop it totally blew the adjustments.

To cut long story short: Does anyone of you photographers out there knows any good and free programs to edit multiple exposure? I heard of lightroom, but I wanted to try free software first. I would love to hear your experiences with your software.
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