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Free Software for HDRI

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm not sure if this folder is right, but I have one question.

I wanted to engage myself with High dynamic range images (HDRI / multiple exposure / etc) again. I learned about it in my photography classes, produced 3 HDR images and stopped thinking about it afterwards. Because I did not like the results - the post proceeding time was enormous and unbearable confusing (thanks to papa Photoshop) Also I started disliking HDRI in general, because I saw so many unaesthetic images that I believed nothing good comes out of this art style.
BUT . . .
. . . recently I wanted to give it another chance. I did some multiple exposure and tried to put them together with the tool in Photoshop. But as feared, every time I converted the HDR into editable image to Photoshop it totally blew the adjustments.

To cut long story short: Does anyone of you photographers out there knows any good and free programs to edit multiple exposure? I heard of lightroom, but I wanted to try free software first. I would love to hear your experiences with your software.
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