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Size of pictures

Nikon lists the pictures for your camera as:

Image size (pixels)
3,872 x 2,592 [L], 2,896 x 1,944 [M], 1,936 x 1,296 [S]

That is 3:2. 3:2 is the normal ratio for 4"x6" photos and is the standard ratio for 35mm photography for a long, long time.

4:3 is the format created by Olympus and Kodak when they developed their first DSLR's. It is a copy of the original TV aspect ratio. Suffice to say it is not the dominant global market format for photography. Therefore your old cameras must be part of the early pioneer ranks or be one of the few cameras still using 4:3 (Olympus perhaps).

Here are some links on aspect ratios

P.S. I see where Olympus is still pushing a 4:3 digital format ... oduct=1461
It's not a camera's aspect ratio that counts (you can crop a photo to any aspect ratio you want), it's the quality of the image it takes and the useability of the camera that matters.

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