All creative aspects of photography (digital and analog).
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The importance of having a good camera.

Evaluate the zoom ability. A zoom function allows you to adjust the distance of focus by the amount specified, for instance 4x or 50x the normal focal length. This specification isn't as simple as looking at the number advertised, however. Optical zoom alters the arrangement of the lens itself to focus on more distant objects, producing a high quality image. Digital zoom only enlarges the center of the image electronically, cropping out the rest of the photo without focusing further. Digital zoom results in a much lower image quality, and since the photo can be easily cropped later with image editing software, digital zoom is only useful for helping you find a distant object to photograph, not for taking high quality photos at a distance.
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Expressions – Tumbhi Online Nature & Wildlife Photography Co

Tumbhi announces Expressions – Nature & Wildlife Photography Contest 2013 for all those shutterbugs who are crazy about capturing the precious moments of nature and wild. All you need to do is send us original and creative pictures of the nature, animals, landscapes. Just make sure that the photo falls under one of the themes: Nature, Wildlife

Winner Selection:
Winners will be selected by contest jury – “Vincent Versace” in two categories : Nature Photography Winner and Wildlife Photography Winner
There are 3 prizes for each category – First prize(worth $800) Inclusive of Cash prizes + Photography gears from JOBY; Second Prize (worth $390) Inclusive of Cash prizes + Photography gears from JOBY ; Third prize (worth $190) Cash prizes + Photography gears from JOB ; Super 10 winners in each category ( Cash $25 each) and 25 special mentions in each category to receive e certificates!

Eligibility: This contest is open worldwide. Anyone, professional or amateur photographers, regardless of gender and age can enter the contest
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