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Esti Eini

The importance of having a good camera.

I think a good camera helps you to improve your images and makes your job easier. I do really appreciate a good camera. I can use autofocus when I need. When autofocus cannot adjust, I can use manual focus. Camera sensor allows me to use a high ISO setting so that I can use a fast shutter speed in the dim lighting. I can make shutter speed slow in night photography. All these things can help you to take better picture. But the camera does not have the creative ability and the timing to catch the right moment in the movement. Camera does not have an eye for details like a human being. Camera is a tool and a good photograph depends on how good you are using it. It depends on your perfection of operating a camera whether it is simple or expensive.
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Léon Westerhoff

Become a part of an big exhibition

Hey guys,

this post goes out to all the hobbyphotographers here. Right now I am working on a project what i want to make international. The Backyards Youthartgallery. The motto of this exhibition will be "Life's a journey". What comes up in your mind when you read this motto? The human is individual and we want to make that visible with the onlinegallery. The uploaded pictures will be voted by a jury and the best ones will make it to an downtowngallery here in Germany.
The participation is free of course.

If you want to become a part of this project you can find all informations on
Or write me an E-Mail at

I am looking forward to your pictures! :)
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