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Critical Analysis - PLEASE HELP!

You need to access material that has already been produced on Critical Analysis. There are certain standards and ways of looking. Any academic works in the History of Art or the Theory of Art sections of your local library would have credible theses on the subject.
If you have a university in your town/city, visit their art departments. They will have a dedicated library on Critical Analysis. Photography is a discipline in Fine Art and the standards of judgement and analysis apply equally.
Also read up on what the greats had to say about photographic works.
You need to structure your research and that means listing your potential sources and reading, reading, reading. Another bit of advice is that academic works that contain what you need will have a section in the back where the author's sources are listed. The biographical data is a huge source to start with. The first book you find will have many more references, so work systematically, you'll get there. Your sources with increase exponentially with each new reference.
Sorry, that's the way to go about it. Short-cuts to knowledge are few and far between!
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