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  • Janusz Wa 17/03/2009 22:55

    all photos very nice !!!!
  • Foch 27/01/2009 22:13

    Danke für die nette Beurteilung!
    Liebe Grüße
  • Matthias Moritz 27/01/2009 17:52

    Hello yucely!

    A warm welcome to fotocommunity.com! The spirit of this platform is to share ideas, knowledge and pictures. Its a chance to communicate with photographers all over the world, amateurs and also pros, sharing the passion of photography.
    I would like to encourage you not only to upload pictures to share, but also to participate in writing comments to other photographers the same way you expect to get them for your own work. You´ll see, it will work after a time..:-))

    If you have any questions about fotocommunity, don´t hesitate to ask. The team:
    will gladly help you.

    Have fun! Its great to have you here from Turkey!

    Kind regards

    Team fotocommunity.com
  • yucely 24/01/2009 20:10

    Welcome to my profile,
    I'm not a professional photographer, I'm academic person that would like to join you from here in Turkey. I had started photography 1983 but after 2005 I have been doing my work densitely.I just recently purchased my first DSLR a canon 350 D and I am having fun learning to use it.
    I enjoy taking photos from landscape,art and have done so most of my life. . Please don't keep your interpretations to yourself, I will be very glad when you share them. Thanks to all who repond and comment on my pictures and to those who offer advice and ways of improving my photography

    For interest: http://yucelyildirimphotography.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for taking the time to look.

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