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I started photography back when I was in High School (way back in the disco days). Its was my favorite class. I just loved the solitude of the darkroom, which enabled me to create some pretty good black and white images. I started to document my teenage years in photography and still enjoy looking back at those days. I still use my old Nikkormat for Black and White Photography.

I went to college and graduated with a degree in Art specializing in photography. Of course I learned digital photography and graphic arts, and have grown from that. I use a Nikon 5700 for all of my digital needs and am in the process of cataloging all of my drawings and fine art photography.

I enjoy alternative photography, manipulating and painting on negatives and then developing them to get some crazy colors and effects (all non-digital). I also enjoy manipulating Polaroid pictures before they fully develop. And, one of my old time favorties is taking an image, copy it on a regular copier and then transfering it to watercolor paper, and then painting it with watercolors. Lots of fun.

Anyway, you'll see more of me, now that I stumbled onto this wonderful site. I'm currently working on my personal web-site and will hopefully have it up very soon. In the mean-time, you can visit my son's website. He is a teen filmaker and makes very funny films.


Wendy Gonzalez

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  • Elaine Liebenbaum 31/08/2004 6:36

    HI Wendy,
    Im impressed by your profile too! Sounds like you had interesting and creative school years. Im jealous! Anyway welcome to the club and I'm very curious to see what comes next!
    Love your puerto rico picts, never been there though.
    see you soon
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