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Happily married to a beautiful wife, father of 2 handsome boys,.. I have always had a passion for photography, a means to connect to an intimate world. Inspired by National Geographic Photographer's and many more, I pursued my passion as amature photographer many years back.. Since becoming a father, it took the backseat for many years, I had to part from my equipment for many of the right reasons, now with technology making it easier and a little less expensive, I carry my Samsung galaxy S7.. Not the ideal equipment compared to what I used to have,.. But it keeps my passion fueled for the time being...

Always inspired from the first time I joined the FC many years ago, I continued to come back home,... I see many new faces and breath taking work... Looking forward to meeting many of you,...

Raúl Luis Jr.

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@ the moment,.. My faithful Samsung Galaxy might say, "a photographer on a budget".. ;)