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Photos by Tom Luca

" Interesting, inspiring images are everywhere. My goal is to capture and share those images that made me stop and take a closer look at life.
From extreme closeups to sweeping landscapes... from seeing the mundane in a fresh light to capturing a rare moment, my aim is to offer a different way of looking at our world. I hope you find these images interesting... and maybe even inspiring.

"I am working mainly in the fields of Portrait Photography;
Wedding & Special occasions, Pets, School, Model & Actor Portfolios, Sporting events, Executive portraits & Corporate events, Stock(magazines, books, catalogs, calendars, greetingcards, postcards, travel brochures), News, Travel, Nature and Wildlife, Real estate, Architechural, Aerial, Art Portfolios and fine art photography.
However I will shoot anything that interests me, with the fine art photography mainly covering my interest. Most of my work is shot with Nikon Digital SLR'S which I work with almost exclusively during the season.
At this time I am also working on a fine art portfolio and hope to have it done in time before this fall.

Please feel free to contact me about my work."

- Tom
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