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58 year old Alaska resident, dog lover, and avid nature photographer.

Much the past 30 years of my life has been spent at sea. Most of it in Alaska's Prince William Sound which is why so many of my images are from there. I spent 18 years doing a mix of kayak transportation, glacier tours, and lots of sport fishing charters. I also did some commercial fishing, marine debris cleanups, and many personal trips for exploration and photography. I attempted to pursue nature photography for a living but the market is too saturated and although I do sell a few images through stock agencies and my Zazzle.com store, it is not enough to pay the bills. So, in spite of being involved with photography for 40 years, I can only say I am a semi-professional photographer at best. I recently ended my boating career and at this moment I am unsure what I am going to do next. But whatever I do I do will always love photography and I will seek out nature's beauty whenever possible.

Winter is my favorite season to shoot (my favorite season period), and night is my favorite time to shoot. The low winter sun is ideal light and when night falls the aurora can be one of the greatest shows on earth. It is a bit disheartening that at this time, February of 2020, the sun has bottomed out into solar minimum. It is going to be years, and I will be in my 60's, before the sun is active enough for the aurora to be anywhere near commonplace again. I'm hoping the next solar maximum is off the charts.



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  • iwatur 18/02/2020 20:58

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful nature. Congratulations
  • Matthias Moritz 10/02/2020 17:03

    Hello, Ted!

    Welcome to fotocommunity!

    You will soon appreciate how useful and enjoyable it is when you share your pictures and impressions.
    To start your activities, I suggest you leave comments under some other users' pics and interact with them. Your opinions are very important!
    Your first friends, as well as new inspirations, are awaiting you.

    I visited Alaska in 2013 with my family. It´s a part of the world we are eager to return to.

    Good light from

    @Matthias Moritz  
    Team fotocommunity.com
  • Helmut Pfirrmann 08/02/2020 20:26

    thank you so much for your comment
  • Adele D. Oliver 06/02/2020 19:30

    thank you for your visit and kind comment, Ted … great to meet your here - beside you
    in Alaska and a fellow manager in Seattle I am the only FC member in the Pacific Northwest. Your images are splendid - will follow your posts.
    best regards from Vancouver,
    p.s. sailed in our 30 ft sailboat to Alaska in 2007 - still photographing analog.
  • Matthias Bethke 06/02/2020 13:59

    Your photos are great. I love these landscapes that you Photograph!
    Matthias Bethke
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