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I have only recently switched from SLR to digital photography, and I sure do appreciate the difference in clarity, scope, savings, and flexibility! I am a long time Seattle psychologist, divorced, a world traveler and adventurer, who enjoys baseball, Bordeaux wine, nonfiction, ethnic cuisine, off the beaten track journeys, and stimulating conversation. I would like to meet some kindred souls and learn more about my Nikon D300 and the VR 28-200 lens I just purchased. Some of the best shots are right in front of us.

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  • Young Wind 17/03/2008 9:27

    Hello! Well, red headed woman is me, actually :) I've changed my hair colour some time ago; you have to know, that all of these women in my porfolio- that's me! ;) Thank you for your comment. I'm very glad you like my photos :)
  • Drougoutis 04/03/2008 15:47

    This shot there is in Makronisos island, in Greece...Makronisos is a barren island for the communists. There, the fascist pigs make a third degree to the communists heroes (1947-1974)..This is against fascism memorial from the Greek Working Class..ΖΗΤΟ ΤΟ ΚΚΕ ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • STEVE CUMMINGS 22/02/2008 3:29

    I am a psychologist in Seattle who has become increasingly enamored with photography and international travel. I would like to share some of my luckier shots with you all and receive feedback if you have the time. I also really look forward to seeing your shots as well.
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