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At the moment, I am a nobody in the photography world, however, I plan on doing great things as the years progress. I am working hard on putting a portfolio together (hence the website) to hopefully, one day, have someone (or multiple people) interested in my work. Currently, I am brainstorming some unique, crazy, boisterous, and imaginative ideas that I hope will help me go from unknown to an influential photographer.

I've been trying to put into perspective what I have been reading in books, magazines, blogs, and so-forth to help me further my understanding in the field.. A few years back, I was able to take a photography class as an elective. Since then, I have been trying to learn tricks of the trade all on my own, taking lots of notes, researching and purchasing new equipment, watching many videos, and just having fun.

Lucky for me, I have the most supporting wife who goes along with all of my ideas and sometimes will even get in front of the camera so that I can try to get a full understanding of what I have been researching. If it wasn't for my her thoughtfulness, caring nature, and desire for me to go for my dreams, I wouldn't even be thinking of becoming a photographer.
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