Seth Siro Anton

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About me

Kodak Dcs 14n

17-35 Ed nikkor
105 Dc nikkor

-Diploma on Photography, Scenography,
DTp ,Graphic design,and Painting from the
Supreme University Of Fine ARts in AThens
I am also creating covers and artworks for famous metal/rock bands. Some of my recent works was...PARADISE LOST, CHRIS CAFFERY, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, CALIBAN etc...

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  • Alex SM 18/03/2007 22:19

    Your pictures are fantastic, very creative!

  • Dennis Veldman 20/06/2006 19:01

    Me too!
    Great work!
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 01/04/2006 23:21

    A most theatrical approach to photography! I've put you on my buddy list to catch your next uploads. Cheers from Canada. Patrick
  • Mark Page 01/04/2006 21:31

    Amazing work Seth. Great style - I like it!
  • Stuart Borland 27/12/2005 1:59

    Just recently stumbled across your work. Sme magnificant graphic pieces.
  • Wibke Freund 13/07/2005 21:02

    You got very interesting pictures in your galery...
    fantastic... and exactly my stile.
    I'll klick you to orange and come back again!

    Many Greetz,

  • Radomir-Masha Dikosavljevic 19/06/2005 23:07

    Bravo Seth. That's what I like - from the first image I was hooked to keep wanting more. Very impressive. (didn't like one thing, though: recycling of elements).
  • Nick Schafer 18/06/2005 23:44

  • Kevin Lake 26/04/2005 16:10

    just have to say your work is amazing. even the backgrounds hold interest. i can't wait to see what your all time masterpiece will be.
  • Stanley Johnson 25/04/2005 22:44

    i have to agree...your work is fantastic. flawless!
  • Misty Lackey 22/04/2005 3:47

    Love your work!
    I will come back for more.
  • Blamonge 19/04/2005 4:49

  • George Cayce 18/04/2005 18:01

    your portfolio is pure art. Excellent and surprising.
  • Mario Leko 13/04/2005 11:46

    you have your own style...very special indeed,
    best regards
  • xxx xxx 10/04/2005 9:11

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