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"A photo never lies" didn't ring true for me and from it arose the challenge to compose, distort, disect, enhance, manipulate reality looking and observing through the lens. Art school helped my eye for (de-)composition even without a camera and an appreciation for colours in natural as well as man made settings.....Well I only just discovered the digital world and its possibilities.....the "fotocommunity "brings up so much talent through a medium so is a sheer pleasure being part of this....

ooroo Rol

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  • TC-Photographic 20/05/2005 14:38

    Hello Rol,
    I looked to your fotos, they are lovely. So I take you to my buddylist. I love Australie and in January 2006 I'll be back in Australia for one year. I hope to a lot of fotos from you till I be there to reduce my Australia-sickness
    Kind regard fom Switzerland
  • Klaus Degen 08/12/2004 11:30

    G´day Rol
    thanks for interesting for my pics and welcome to fotocommunity. The comments for my pic
    Blick über Coober Pedy
    Blick über Coober Pedy
    Klaus Degen

    is very interesting.
    (sorry for my bad english)
    see you

  • Helga Broel 07/12/2004 12:26

    Hello Roland,
    Thank you for your interest and nice compliments concerning my pikkies.
    I love your wonderful country and I’m looking forward to going to Australia in January and being in Perth in March.
    Kind regards

    And: Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 06/12/2004 21:57

    Hi Rol
    and welcome to fotocommunity. Hope you enjoy yourself here as much as I do.
    see you
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