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Loved the site & had to join.
It is many years since I have taken photography seriously, but have recently started again after being inspired by the beautiful new and old building in my home city. I will post some very soon, but for now I will just enjoy looking at everyone elses.

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  • Robson Robstar 10/12/2004 16:44

    I went to the Shamrock last week. Let me know if you want to take a few photographs together and then go for a drink.
  • Zoe Taylor 10/12/2004 14:52

    Any pubs in particular? I usually call for a drink too, must be all the walking round photographing - builds a thirst up
  • Robson Robstar 10/12/2004 14:46

    I love to go out early on a Sunday morning, have a walk round and spend a couple of hours taking photographs. Then i will go into one of the local pubs, it is amazing to walk into a pub in an almost derelict building in an area like this. you almost always discover a step back in time, and a warm welcome in a pub untouched by modernisation for decades, and you always get to talk to locals who have lived in the area for decades and then you begin to understand the real history of the place.
  • Zoe Taylor 10/12/2004 14:33

    Hi Rob

    I might see you when I am out snapping! I have found ancoats to be a prime location for old mills.
  • Robson Robstar 10/12/2004 14:00

    Thanks Zoe. I love your pictures. the trolley is great. it was inspired to keep the reflection of the adjacent building in. I was particularly interested in your pictures, i too have photographed run down areas of manchester and have seen at least one of your structural subjects. i am also very interested in new buildings and the great contrasts the new and old portray in modern vibrant cities like manchester. The Urbis museum and the new City of Manchester Stadium both inspire me with the new, whereas the areas still waiting for regeneration with their mills and dereliction inspire me with the old.
    Will publish soon.
  • Zoe Taylor 10/12/2004 13:53

    Hi Rob

    Looking forward to seeing some of your pics. Which genre are you interested in?
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