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I started taking photos at age 12, using my mother's Kodak box camera. My favourite themes are recording family events, travel and heraldry. I have tried various cameras; these days I prefer the compactness, simplicity and ease of use of my digital Canon Powershot A70.

The profile photo was taken overlooking the Morialta National Park, about 10 minutes drive from my home in Adelaide. The photo is a favourite, taken by a friend about 5pm on a winter's afternoon in August 1998

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  • Richard Num 04/01/2006 12:27

    Thank you Tanya - I do hope you will have a wonderful year revisiting Australia in 2006.
  • TC-Photographic 20/05/2005 14:36

    Hello Richard,
    I looked to your fotos, they are lovely. So I take you to my buddylist. I love Australie and in January 2006 I'll be back in Australia for one year. I hope to a lot of fotos from you till I be there to reduce my Australia-sickness
    Kind regard fom Switzerland
  • Max Michels 11/03/2005 21:36

    Hallo, Richard, greetings to Adelaide.
  • Richard Num 11/03/2005 5:09

    Thank you, Silke Maria. It is good to share views of my parts of Australia, and to be inspired by the work of many other members of this fotocommunity!

  • Silke Maria Christoph 09/03/2005 9:31

    Moin Moin Richard,

    thank you for the photos and the look to Australia. I enjoy it! It's great to meet here someone from the other side of earth...
    I wish you a nice time here in fc and look forward to your next pics.

    best wishes from germany and the northsea at the bottom of this land
    Silke Maria
  • Rudolf G. 20/02/2005 10:57

    Hallo Richard,
    welcome here to fotocommunity. I look all your pictures in fc. I love Australia. It's a very big and nice Country.
    Sorry, my english is very bad.
    Nice greetings from Gütersloh, Germany
  • Helga Broel 13/01/2005 10:55

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your interest of my pikkies.
    It is the Kalbarri.
    Regards - Helga
    Red Bluff
    Red Bluff
    Helga Broel
  • Richard Num 12/01/2005 3:20

    Hi Holger!
    Thanks for the welcome. I discovered the community whilst searching for a picture using google. I am very impressed by the variety and number of images, and am enjoying daily visits.

    It is a pity I do not speak German - I am descended on my mother's side from two families who left Bremerhaven in 1846 and went to South Australia!

    Regards - Richard
  • Holger Melms 12/01/2005 3:14

    Hi Richard!
    How did you find your way into this - I guess - German founded community?
    Anyway: you are greatly welcome and I hope you will enjoy it!
    Regards, Holger
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