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9th.of September 1967 borned in Buenos Aires / Argentina.
I´ve been living in Argentina / USA and in Germany.
Working as Photographer, Grafic Designer and Art Painter

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  • † Carlos Valcarcel 16/11/2008 0:36

    Gracias amigo, por tu comentario-
    Muiñeira (En traje de gala)
    Muiñeira (En traje de gala)
    Carlos Valcarcel
  • Julien Salut 21/11/2004 20:43

    thank you for you're comment
  • PacO MartiN 03/11/2004 8:00

    Gracias por tu comentario sobre mi fotografia.
    He visto tu trabajo. Me gustan, son interesantes. Tienen parte de lo esencial de la fotografia, captar el momento, el instante. Son buenas.
    Recuerdos desde Madrid
  • Snjezana Josipovic 02/11/2004 23:49

    +++great pic+++
  • Visiones de vida. 02/11/2004 15:59

    Ricardo, the sweetness of photography is envolving your heart and soul, once you combine this emotions with your love for art, then you will experience a rebirth.
    You will start seeing the world in a different light, then as you sharpen you craft with the camera your images will start talking to you even before you push the shutter.
    Remember, it implicates your mind and soul,...find yourself through your work!!....and above all, have fun while you are doing it!!!!
    buddie buttton on!!...want to see more of your work!
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