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I am a recent grad from Towson University currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland. For those of you international individuals who may stumble upon my humble page, or anyone outside of Baltimore for that matter, Baltimore is a sort of hodge podge city 45 minutes outside of the nation's capital. There's enough to do here to not be bored, but not enough to be overwhelmed. I take pictures when I have time and I love comparing myself to the amazing stuff I find on here.

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  • Dennis Veldman 21/03/2006 0:54

    Hi Rebecca, i noticed "The perfect cup" and thought.. oeh i want that :D so i came by your profile and thought it would be nice to say hello and welcome you to FC, i hope that you will enjoy it here, the forums are also nice to browse through ;)

    a perfect time killer with beautifull images to feed your brain.

    Have fun!
  • Peter Lawrence 05/03/2005 0:14

    G'day Rebecca welcome to fc.
    You have made a good start, keep those pics coming and don't hesitate to ask others for help/guidance, we are here to help,
    Peter :-)
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