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Razaq vance is a versatile and renowned photo artist. He is from Pakistan- land of splendid beauty and diverse cultures. His photographs are extreme representation of his environment-both geographical and cultural. According to a critic “While browsing through Razaq Vance’s portfolio, I took a trip to a far away land with mystery and adventure with happiness and sorrow! I woke in the morning mist to peacefully go to sleep on the evening watching and hearing the carriages coming home with the tired but content land toilers. Then in the free time I played the tent pegging and smiled with mud covered children. His pictures tell stories!” FrancescoM Photographic style of Razaq vance is unique and full of artistic ingredients. According to some other critics; “ razaq vance’s photos are incredible. I kept starting to comment on a photo in the portfolio....but they were all so good that I could not chose just one. You inspire me, I am not sure if you inspire me to pack my camera or try harder! Thanks for sharing your work razaq.” “ I should really think twice whether I am eligible to comment on this portfolio.It just kept me spell bound. So intense and versatile. One thing is sure, I need to travel a loonnnnngggg distance:-).” Janis OKelley “Tthe work of razaq vance is an art & a record of culture. It's truly remarkable” Razaq vance mastered in capturing amazing moments of dancing light. These moments are rare and short but he managed to shoot with great skill and timing. In almost all photographs of Razaq vance light is the main ingredient. His documentary and cultural photography is reality base. He shoots life sensibly and with sentiments. His photographs show his romance with life of common people. In this regard Jim Hoffman’s critic is final “ Excellent portfolio! Diverse, creative and original”
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