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I downloaded a trial version of Jasc PSP and taught myself how to use it. A lot of my work is automobile related with a fantasy theme. I like color in my art. My art is not copyrighted because I do borrow from all art that I see and use it to make images that are pleasing to me. Art is great escape and I thoroughly enjoy mixing up the pixels on digital canvass!

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  • Randall Goddard 23/08/2007 18:00

    Antonio Degas,

    I apologize for taking your picture and using it in a photo-manipulation. I would have apologized sooner but the community blocked my usage until just recently. As I explained in my profile I do not claim to be an artist...noneof my manipulations are copyrighted or for sale. I merely create these manipulations as an homage to the true "Artists" as yourself who manage to capture life and beauty for all of us to admire! Thank you for listening to my apology.

  • Antonio Degas 23/01/2007 11:32

    Emotions in Motion 196
    Emotions in Motion 196
    Antonio Degas

    I am VERY angry !!!

  • Sara Goss 11/08/2006 19:46


    I really enojyed looking at your work! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to more postings in the future!

  • Randall Goddard 24/10/2005 5:43

    Thank you all for the encouraging comments! Art is a therapy that helps me explore the deep, sometimes dark, but just as often innocent, corners of my psyche. Pure fantasy clothed in colors of my choosing, hues and form comingled with the click of the mouse, images married in pixel perfection in a moment of inspiration, like a painter pushing life into a canvas. I don't feel that I create art as much as find it and force it into interpretations that meet the cathartic needs of my soul. Naw, I'm just a pixel pusher, plain and simple, a digital doodler, with a twisted imagination! LOL
  • When 23/10/2005 11:54

    A warm welcome to FC.
  • A . Vernon 17/10/2005 0:19

    Hi Randall,
    I don't publish too many pictures here in the com due to the lack of interest in DigiArt but you will be the first one on my buddy list here ! :-)
    Love your pictures.....
  • Luca Senatore 15/10/2005 19:43

    hey Randall..
    your work is really amazing - so creative. I wish i had the skill you had in this field..
    Kind Regards
  • M. Sommer 15/10/2005 7:29

    Hello Randall,

    very nice pictures! You are very, very creative - love your art. Will be back soon!

    Regards from Germany,
  • Danny W. Wilson 04/10/2005 6:05

    Hi Randall! Welcome to the FC!
    Crystal 3
    Crystal 3
    Danny W. Wilson
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