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Hi, I'm Piotrek (Peter, Pierre, Pietro, etc. :)) ) from Plock from Poland

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  • Pat McMullen 25/03/2007 22:30

    Hi Piotrek,
    Thanks for your comment on the Girl in the Doorway photograph. I'm glad that you took a look at that one. I appreciate it.

  • Pat McMullen 14/03/2007 14:24

    Thank alot for the comment on the Girl in the Doorway photo Piotrek. I'm glad that you came across it and that you think it's pretty good.
  • Matthias Moritz 14/03/2007 5:31

    Hello Piotrek!

    I also would like to welcome you warmly to fotocommunity.com and I would like to encourage you to participate in writing comments to other photographers the same way you expect to get them for your own work. You´ll see, it will work after a time to get more feedbacks..:-))

    Great to have you here from Poland!

    Kind Regards

    Matthias Moritz
    Channel Manager TOPICS
  • Peter Mertz 13/03/2007 15:46

    Hi Piotrek,

    Welcome the the fotocommunity.com

    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences.
    So I hope you will enjoy it and if you have further
    questions don't hesitate to contact anybody from the support team.

    Our info system is up right now but it is growing permanent:



    cheers Peter
    Channelmanager Nature
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