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Welcome dear visitor!

I used my artistic name of Pierre Dumas on the Internet for 14 years now!
And who is Pierre Dumas, let the numbers speak:

On a photo site with declared hundreds of thousands active members, 1st in the category of abstracts for all times, 16th in all categories for all times, 20697 comments on 664 images, more than thousand comments on portfolio, 122595 member page views, 3193 ratings, on 84 distinct photos, averaging 6.38/7!

Among 800.000 registered members No 29 on the list of most followed members (earlier 400 most interesting)!

All pictures are a result of my life time engagement on the field of photography, but most of them if not all of them are done since the year 2005! They all lean heavily to surreal and abstract in general!

I call what I mostly do and expose digital explicit naive art!

Thank you for your attention!

6 August 2015

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