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I first became interested in Photography about 10 years ago when I caught part of a Channel 4 programme*. The next day I bought a Photo magazine and quickly became hooked. Almost immediately I joined a club and have been involved with club photography ever since.

A few years ago I began to look outside of my club at the wider photography scene and began participating in EAF events. I also have attended the Judges workshops which were organised by the EAF and have just been appointed as a B panel Judge. In the last few months I have started to submit my work to National Exhibitions and I have had some acceptances. I hope to build on these successes and improve both my photography and my confidence in my own work. In the past I have been happy the follow the photographic main steam and although I have dabbled in areas such as sports action and portrait photography I remained stubbornly a generalist. However I have now begun to explore my photography in a far more creative manner. I am drawn to interesting shapes and forms and enjoy the struggle to find simple but pleasing compositions.

I am learning to create images for myself first and the judges second. I believe that photography can work on many different levels at the same time. There are the photographs you take to capture memories and those you may take for more creative reasons. Both are valuable given the correct context but sometimes it's more important to capture a spontaneous moment rather than try for the perfect composition.

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  • Adele D. Oliver 04/05/2008 20:24

    Thank your for your comments, Peter. Just starting I had a difficult time choosing what to post. I just looked at your images. They are full of feelings and atmosphere. Fabulous!
    Cheers, Adele (Vancouver, Canada)

  • 3ème oeil 20/04/2008 15:04

    Hi Peter

    I wish you welcome in the crazy world of picures here at fotocommunity. May you have fun, but be careful that you don`t get addicted to it... Maybe i`ll read some comments to my pictures again soon or I`ll write something for you. I can read english, but not write myself.

    Regards, Jérôme
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