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I have always felt the shutter bug in my soul. Being able to capture that one awe-inspiring moment in time is such a good feeling.To be appreciated for my work by friends, family or complete strangers is the greatest reward. I have B.A. in Photography from the University of Central Florida and life-long goal is to be a photographer for National Geographic or any other Wild Life magazine. I am fascinated with war-time photography and also those of children being children. These subjects have tons of raw emotion and really make for stunning works of art.

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  • Patrick Likovetz 16/08/2005 22:38

    Why yes it is. Good eye. That camera is probably as old as I am, but it still works like a pro. Now I've gone into the digital world with a Nikon D70. However, every now and then I go back to the old school style.
  • Danny W. Wilson 16/08/2005 15:25

    Welcome to that an AE-1 I see you holding in front of the mirror?
  • Dirk Hofmann 07/04/2005 7:28

    matthias is right ... dreams ...

    but what would we be without them? keep on working ... there is always a chance to make dreams come true ... ;-)

    and of course: welcome!!!
  • Matthias Moritz 06/04/2005 1:28

    A warm elcome to, Patrick!
    You have some dreams, which should come true! This community might be the right place to learn a lot more about photography in all its diversity. You will find photographers spread all over the world, you can watch their work and also communicate!
    Have fun, enjoy!

    If you have any question, don´t hesitate to ask me.

    Best regards
  • Naz1 05/04/2005 20:15

    i share your dream.
    What you described there, is exactly what i have wanted ever since I can remember.

    Hope to work with you in national geographic soon!

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