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About me

1971 He was born in Bucharest, Romania.
1985 He started his adventure in the world of photography with a Zenit camera, now works with Hasselblad and Canon.
2002 January – Mention at the Pictorial Section – Artistic Photography.
Contest 1st edition, organized by Playboy Magazine.
2002 student at New York Institute of Photography.
2002 November – 1st Place at the Artistic Nude Section – Artistic Photography Contest 2nd edition, organized by Playboy Magazine.
2002 Launching of “Lighting and Shadows” Collection.
2002 Launching of “The Moonlight” Collection.
2002 Launching of “Cocktail” Collection.
2003 November - 1st Place at the Pictorial Section – Artistic Photography Contest 3rd edition, organized by Playboy Magazine.
2003 Launching of “Seasons” Collection.
2004 Launching of “The Miracle of Life” Collection.
2004 Launching of “A Sisif Life” Collection.
2004 Launching of “Flowers for Joanna, Flowers for all” Collection.
2005 Launching of "So Bizarre" Collection.
2005 Exhibition at the "Carte si Arte" festival.
2006 Exhibition at the "Reductostart" social campaigne.
2006 Launching of "Whispers in Veil" Collection.
2006 Launching of "Tribal Smoke" Collection.
2006 Currently lives and works in Bucharest.


"The Body"

Editor: The Gallery of Esthetic Photography
265 x 355 mm, 10.4“ x 14“
240 pages, c. 200 illus.
Hardcover, dust jacket
(USA) March 2005
ISBN 3-89985-308-3
USD 49.95 l EUR 49,95 l GBP 39.99

"Erotic Websites"

Editor: The Feierabend Verlag Cubes
125 x 125 mm, 4.9” x 4.9”
700 pages, c. 900 illus.
Hardcover, with padding
April 2005
(USA) June 2005
ISBN 3-89985-277-X
USD 19.95 l EUR 14,95 l GBP 12.99

Published Photos in the following magazines:

Playboy, Photo Magazine, Bravo, Fan Hits & Posters, Popcorn, Acasa Magazine, Business Magazine, Diverta Magazine, Story, Jurnalul National, Evenimentul Zilei, Libertatea, Ziua, Independent, etc.

Other collaborations:

Smart Corporation Agency, Studio Enigma Agency, U-TV, Prima TV, Punct Agency, D'Art Media Agency, 4 Ace Agency, Pub Fiction Design, Open in Your Mind, Gierr Management, Roton Music, Media Pro Music, One Production, Amnezia Production, Adior Production, Adviser Agency, Vitrina Agency, Five Design Agency, Attitude Male Models, Fulga Models Agency, Georgia Design, Tex Promotion, Alexandrion Grup, Art Design, Yoko Hair Studio, Prima Graph, etc.

Special thanks to:

Maty, Gheorghe Dinica, Mihaela Mihai, Mihai Traistariu, Dinu Lazar, Francisc Vaida, Bodo Proconsul, Nicolle Formescu, Marian Alecsiu, Claudiu Popa, Iulian Nane, Gicu Serban, Vlad Mirita, Claudia "Cream", Vali Barbulescu, Monik, Papa Junior, Akcent, Contrast, Puia "La Familia", Corina, D'la Vegas, Laura Andresan, Activ, Miki, Paul, Adrian Enache, Anca Marin, Mirage, Dax, Morometzii, Raoul Russu, Amalia Enache, Olivia Ster, Monica Dascalu, Anca Badiu-Class, Dj Allegro, Dj Andi, Zdob si Zdub, Amadeus, Talisman, Da Hood, Ank A.S.I.A., Valeria Arnautu.

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  • LEE ELLAMS 21/12/2004 10:04


    some really fantastic photos, look foward to seeing some more.

    nice one

  • Deborah Hangartner 18/12/2004 12:34

    I don't know how your doing it, but you're doing it right!
    Keep it up! I checked out your website! It's awsome! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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