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I'm basically still considered a teenager who's still in school... Well, I started taking photos after my dad bought a digital camera... Before that, I wasn't really interested...
Anyway, I'm using a cannon Powershot G3, and I just love taking nature scenes... Well, I'm wishing for some camera equipments for up close views and also a really good tripod... And yeah, a digital SLR camera too... Haha... Of course, all this comes after my school life when I start working... Haha...
By the way, if you have some advice for better photography techiniques you want to share, I would greatly appreciate it even by means of commenting through my pictures... Cheerios

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  • Elaine Liebenbaum 16/11/2004 18:05

    dear muhammad
    welcome to the fotocommunity. Im sure you will find people here to exchange ideas and thoughts about photography.
    Especially in the youth channel there's alot going on.
    have fun
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