Miguel Campos

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About me

38 Years Old Photographer, living in Mexico, City. Schoolarship background: Business Bachelor Degree & MBA Degree , became a FREELANCE Photographer in 2001.

As almost all the people whose take contact as first time with photography i make my first steps by accident, my dad used to be an amatteur photographer, I was a child and always watching and tryed to learned from him, sometimes from friends, magz, books and other ways. From a personal Hobbie with my 35mm pocket camera to a persanal passion with digital hardware. Since few years ago, i keep observing, asking and practicing everytime that i can, sometimes something realy good happend and make me feel so happy.

Always love to study and learn other photographers work, style and technics and get inspired to my self. I following learning every single day and trying to magnificen my technic and style. Some day could be a real Pro Photographer... Who knows?.....All can happen.. dont you thing?
I realy Hope you will enjoy my efforts and participate in my attempts.
Best regards.

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