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For now the main emphasis of my recent portfolio of work has been to create a unique and original body of Digital Male Portraiture, which strongly focuses on the look and feel of what you would normally expect from traditional film photography. I really do feel that while always wanting to develop new and different variations and techniques I have been able to successfully combine both my new found passion for digital photography and my extensive knowledge of 35mm film.

For my current rates or additional information about my services feel free to contact me through this posting or from my web site. In addition to shooting exclusively in high-resolution digital format I also have extensive knowledge in computer graphics and layout with applications such as Adobe Photoshop 7 and QuarkExpress (both Mac versions).

TFCD (Time for CD) or TFP (Time for Prints): Considered

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  • Michael Utterson 12/04/2006 12:31

    Hi Michael,

    Just a quick note to say I am inspired by your work; honesty & beauty...breath taking!

    Thank you.
    from another Michael
  • Arno Königs - Fotografie-Fotodesign 16/12/2004 15:20

    Hello Michael,

    thank you for your comment on my side. Your pics are wonderful. Yes, we have something in common with the male photographie.

    Have you take a look to my first profile?

    Arno Königs - Fotografie-Fotodesign

    You mean, that my Angel pic is very cute?

    I hope that i can read in the future comments under my pics.

    Regards Arno
    Execuse me but my english is not so good, but i hope you understand it.
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