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Hello and best regards to all :) I'm a fan of photography for many years and it gives me a great joy to take pictures and show others what the world looks like through my eyes.I'm glad that I can be among so many talanted people here and it's great to have the opportunity to learn from real artists!I hope you will enjoy my works!Comments and suggestions are welcome :)

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  • Kemal Kamil AKCA 11/04/2010 18:07

    thank you very much!
  • Kemal Kamil AKCA 11/04/2010 18:06

    The Boss
    The Boss
    Kemal Kamil AKCA
    thank you :)
  • Jacqueline Chay 11/04/2010 8:30

    Hi Michael, Thank you for visiting my profile and commenting on my pictures, much appreciated
    The Look
    The Look
    Jacqueline Chay
  • Danny W. Wilson 09/04/2010 21:19

    Thank you for your kind comments concerning my work.
    Danny W. Wilson
  • John Willems 21/05/2009 4:51


    Thanks Michael for all Your nice comments on my photographs.
    I’am proud that my image CitySCENE (below) has been recommended for the Gallery by Bertold Klammer.
    Maybe I can also obtain my FIRST star in the Gallery thanks You (or Your friends) and if You want.
    Everyone can vote this image on this moment (within 24 hours) on http://www.fotocommunity.com:80/pc/vote/display/16698851
    Presently being voted for:
    John Willems

    Thanks again to everyone from John Willems.
  • Kim Walker 19/01/2009 2:13

    Michael, thanks for your warm compliments! And welcome to a fantastic site where inspiration is all around us...
  • Plamen Troshev 14/01/2009 10:59

    Blagodaria za hubavite comentari!
  • Fons van Swaal 12/01/2009 15:42

    Thanks a lot for the comment.....;-))
    Best regards.......Fons
  • Giorgos Fidanas 26/05/2008 21:16

    Many thanks for your sugar sweet comment...:-)
  • Matthias Moritz 11/02/2008 5:02

    Hello Michael !

    A warm welcome to fotocommunity.com! The spirit of this platform is to share ideas, knowledge and pictures. Its a chance to communicate with photographers all over the world, amateurs and also pros, sharing the passion of photography.
    I would like to encourage you not only to upload pictures to share, but also to participate in writing comments to other photographers the same way you expect to get them for your own work. You´ll see, it will work after a time..:-))

    If you have any questions about fotocommunity, don´t hesitate to ask. The team:
    will gladly help you.

    Have fun! Its great to have you here!

    Kind regards

    Team fotocommunity.com
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