Michael G W Stein

Free Account, Burlington, Vermont

About me

I am a host of the podcast called Digital Photography Life.

I am a former host of The Digital Photography Show podcast.

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  • Heinz J. Theis 23/03/2008 14:18

    You got a lot of really impressive pictures.
    Like your macro shots in particular, discovering a new world in the miscroscopic scale could be an attractive issue for me too.
    Will surely return to your site to check for new inspirations ;-))
    Greetings from Germany, Heinz
  • Michael G W Stein 03/03/2008 18:15


    I am the cohost of a podcast called The Digital Photography Show. My cohost and I are photo enthusiasts, not professionals. We enjoy discussing all things related to digital photography.

    While at PMA in Vegas this past February, I learned about Fotocommunity and now here I am. This is a great site with lot of great photos to learn from. Thanks to all for all the sharing. And now I need to upload some of my photos to share.

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