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  • Michael Grotkamp 09/09/2009 15:59

    Hi Meliha. thanks for the words. Do you know the tinkers in Ireland ? Take your joy: this man was a happy man.
    I say it by the soul of my grandgrandgrandfather .
    ciao bella:
  • damirgavranovic 17/07/2009 17:31

    hvala puno za komentar...
    time for reading
    time for reading
  • Flighty Furrow 12/06/2009 9:16

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ray Steinberg 30/12/2008 3:57

    Hi meliha,

    Looking over your photos, I can honestly say that I like them very much.
    You have a very good imagination, and you blend in colors, and abstracts very well.

    It also looks like all of the facial, and body, portraits of the girl, are one, and the same.
    Are all of these photos self - portraits of yourself ?

    Keep up the good work, and I'll be watching out for future photos from you.

    Greetings from New York, U.S.A.

    Have a Very Happy New Year !!!


  • Ray Steinberg 30/12/2008 3:44

    Hi meliha,

    Thanks very much for your comment on my photo:


    Ray Steinberg
  • K-J Photo 26/11/2008 21:01

    I find your photos very interesting, and I looking forward to see more of it.

    regards Kai
  • Mirza Mehanovic 16/11/2008 18:57

    jedna si veoma kreativna i tripozna dusa na izgled...
  • Sanjin Omerovic 02/11/2008 20:20

    hmmm neznam za onu sliku :)... slika je definitivno super, ali ime.. Mozda vidis nesto sto ja ne vidim =)... Ali sa obzirom kakav je utisak ova slika ostavila na mene, rekao bih da joj ime uopste ne treba ona govori sama za sebe =)...
  • meliha 20/07/2008 11:33

    i hope u will enjoy in my pics... have nice time on my profile.... Meliha
  • Ludo-loxodonta 19/07/2008 13:04

    You are sooooooo cute !!!

  • Andreas Florian 19/07/2008 12:39

    Herzlich Willkommen in der FC! Wünsche dir viele Anmerkungen und Spaß hier.LG Flori
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