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About me

I Originally started taking photos about 25 years ago when I brought my first 35mm camera (a Pentax ME Super). After about 5 years of hiking it about (walking competitions etc.) I exchanged it of a 35mm compact (I now regret that) and did not take many photos.

4 years ago I got my first digital camera (Kodak DC4800) and when that "died" I got a Fuji S5000 at the beginning of 2004.

I like a wide range of subjects and enjoy manipulating images in my "digital" darkroom (PhotoShop 7)

I am looking to progress my skills and want to incorporate them into my future career path (whatever that ends up being!)

Please visit my photobox gallery for more pictures and an opportunity to buy those that you like in a variety of formats at
I will be adding to these on a regular basis.



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  • Elaine Liebenbaum 15/09/2004 16:31

    Welcome Matthew,
    great that you joined fotocommunity. That is some cool profile picture you uploaded. I was into diving for a while but it just got too expensive for me...
    Anyway hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.
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