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Though I try to avoid errors while taking pictures I still have a long way to go....often being angry with myself. Still it sometimes isn't my fault but just the lack of time to reflect on how to take a single shot. I hope I shall develop more routine and become quicker by the time that I earn more and more experience.
I like using Photoshop or similar since I always dreamed of being able to be good at drawing and painting. Although often a picture comes to my mind which I would really like to sketch, I cannot realize it due to my poor drawing skills - thus now I just try making it combining digital photography and the features offered by such programs as Photoshop. Even if I learned quite something, there are still tons of possibilities left which I still have to discover.
For both, my photographic and Photoshop skills, I therefore seek your noble advice, which will be always appreciated. You may contact me in German, English and Italian.
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