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name - maja korndörfer
age - 21
home town - wetzlar
home country - germany

taking photos means for me looking through my camera, finding my own perspective and show things to other poeple the way I can see them.

I´m acompained by my nikon d80, called "Henriette" ;-). My favourite subjects are nature (landscapes, macro, some animals) and humans.

I would be glad about comments that help me to improve my photos. What do you think about my pictures and what do you think could have been done better? I´m looking forward to hear from you!

And please do not post comments just as "thanks for your comment" into my profile. there is a lot of space under my pictures and I would be glad if you would post your comments there...

Comments 16

  • William Williamson 16/03/2009 2:04

    Hello Maja;
    Thank you vry much for the comment.

    Regards William.
  • Anja A.G. 12/12/2008 9:34

    Hello Maja!

    Best wishes!
  • zuhalkalin 24/04/2008 11:30

    Hi Maja!
    Thanks for the comment !
    zuhal kalin :)
  • Christina Christensen 22/04/2008 22:13

    Hi Maja.
    Thank you very must for your comment on "my" baby.
    Best regards
    Christina Christensen
  • -Corrina- 14/04/2008 20:53

    Thanks for the comment Maja!
    Corrina :)
  • Stefan Andronache 13/04/2008 22:00

    Maja, thanks you!
    Stefan Andronache

    Best regards, Stefan
  • markus hiepold 07/04/2008 16:53

    Hi Maja!
    thank you for your comment to

  • Joanne Clews 14/02/2008 11:22

    Thanks for thaking the time to comment on my image. Fabulous work for you, you have a definate style. The coloured ice and your flowers are so abstract, much nicer than conventional shots. Well done!!!! Your profile picture is fab, how on earth did you get it on your nose? Your'e braver than me, i'm scared of frogs.
    regards Joe
  • Ludek Sagi Lukac 12/02/2008 20:19

    Hi Maja, thank you !
    Sagi :-)
    Listarka cervenooka
    Listarka cervenooka
    Ludek Sagi Lukac
  • Francesco Margarita 08/12/2007 8:36

    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
    Francesco Margarita

    Marry Christmas and a good New Year 2008 ********
    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo 2008

    francesco margarita
  • Ludek Sagi Lukac 28/09/2007 8:24

    Hi Maja :-)

    Sagi :-)
  • Katarina A 22/09/2007 10:26

    Hi Maja,

    Love your profile shot.. very different.
    Thanks for your comment on my lion pic
  • Urban Stegmüller 19/09/2007 13:33

    Hallo Maya
    Danke für Deine anmerkung.Ich bearbeite meine Bilder nie farblich nach.Viele Faktoren spielen mit, das die farben mehr oder weniger zur geldung kommen.Für mich ist wichtiger die momentaufnahme ist.Lieben Gruss Urban
  • Radosveta Popova 18/09/2007 5:13

    thank you for your comment and attention!

    Warm regards
  • fati 11/09/2007 20:14

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