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Hi all!

... my name´s Lenka and I´m from Ostrava (Czech Republic). I´m not a professional photographer...I take photos with an ordinary camera...just for fun...
I like taking photos of my tiny chihuahua called Kulíšek because he´s my little friend and also he´s photogenic :o) There are more topics I like too (nature - landscape, flowers, macro, interesting things in the town etc.) From time to time I try take some self portrait photos too.

Thanks for visiting my photos and also many thanks for your kind comments (either positive or negative). I´m really pleased.


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  • Leonid Dombrovsky 20/05/2015 5:59

    Thank you Lena for your kind comment to my photo!
    You are welcome!
    Best wishes,
  • Luis. Dominguez 12/05/2010 4:33

    Magnifico y hermoso macro muy buena toma gracias por tu visita y comentario
  • mohmad amin zakerhosiny 07/09/2009 23:31

    vary nice shot
    i like it
    have a nice timee
  • Milan Bystron 02/01/2009 12:28

    Dikec za prani, vam preju taky vsechno nej v Novem roce.

  • Costache Daniel 24/12/2008 22:39

    I wish all the best to you and your family...
  • Zdenek Baranek 22/12/2008 18:56

  • Fons van Swaal 07/10/2008 12:48

    Thank you very much Lena for the visit and comment , it's much appreciated...;-))
  • Milan Bystron 07/10/2008 7:12

    diky za koment, obcas se mi stane, ze si usetrim par minut pri foceni a pozadam zenicha nebo nevestu, aby mi zapozovali. Jinak by mi letos z tech svateb asi uz hrablo ...
  • Giorgos Fidanas 28/09/2008 12:03

    Have a great weekend, Lena. Very glad to hear it from you.
    The Light Catcher
    The Light Catcher
    Giorgos Fidanas
  • Costache Daniel 15/09/2008 13:55

    Thank you! We are expecting to another photo from you!
  • Ray Steinberg 01/09/2008 1:07

    Hi Leny,

    You have some really beautiful self - portraits, especially since you're not a photographer. :-)
    Self - portraits can tell you more about that person, than if the portraits were taken by an outsider.
    Keep up the good work !!!

    Greetings from New York, U.S.A.


  • ogodej 27/08/2008 17:09

    Hi Lena! Thank you so much for your lovely words..
  • Vladan Doslic 07/04/2008 8:00

    Thanks a lot Lena !
    Vladan Doslic
  • Milan Bystron 01/04/2008 22:30

    Jojo Lenko, aspon, ze se nenudis :-)) Je videt ale, ze se snazis :-)

  • Terje Bach 31/03/2008 20:46

    Thanks for your nice comment on my picture of the white peacock!
    Yes, taking pictures is really fun - regardless of what type of equipment you are using! :)
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