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I'm Kevin Oakden
My love for travel and wildlife has grown through out my life. I picked up my first camera while stationed in Okinawa, Japan in the United States Marines. By taking photos everywhere I go, I've started to advance my skills, flavor and passion. Working my way to be the best I can be. Any and all feedback welcomed with gratitude.

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  • Batya4charity 09/02/2019 15:42

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  • Alexandra Diaconescu 31/10/2010 7:24

    Thank you for your comment
  • catherine Berthe 17/10/2010 18:22

    hey Oky tank you véry much for comments catherine
  • Andreas Nödler 14/10/2010 14:04

    Hi Kevin,

    you need to upload more pictures! I guess Okinawa has great scenery to offer.
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