Kenneth Cantley

Free Account, Rosemount, MN

About me

I have enjoyed nature, undisturbed, for many years. I now see nature with another perspective, through the lens of my camera. Observing nature through my camera has enabled me to capture unique moments in time, that I can share with others. Be it wildlife, plants and flowers, beautiful scenics, close-ups, or any of natures wonderful miracles. While always searching for the perfect shot, I am continuously amazed at the bountiful gifts that nature has to offer us. I am extremely grateful for the ever changing world that keeps things fresh and new. There are always new and beautiful images to create, whether it be many miles from home or in my own backyard.
I especially enjoy getting up early and staking out new ground, waiting for just the right moment, or happening upon some incredible sight that I never expected to find. The early morning light is warm, the world is peaceful, it’s a new beginning!
I discovered the joy of photographing nature about nine years ago. With the encouragement and support of family and friends, I continue learning new techniques and improving my skills as a photographer. This includes building my own darkroom, to learn yet another creative side of photography. I also enjoy mounting and matting my own photographs, as well as occasionally combining my love of woodworking, with my photography to make my own frames.
I am also continuously learning about all that nature has to offer, and in turn, what I have to offer to our natural world. Just as nature is ever changing and growing, so should we.
Remember, the next time that you happen upon one of nature’s wonderful miracles, you may be the only one fortunate enough to enjoy it. Share the fortune!
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