Keni Chao

Free Account, Taipei

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College Student / Amateur Photographer

Hasselblad X-Pan
Polariod SX-70
Lomo LCA , Supersampler
Canon EOS 50 , QL17


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  • Karen Vieira 18/10/2004 16:26

    "kuai zi"
    thanks! ;o)
  • kaito u. irma k. 15/10/2004 12:01

    hi keni
    a warm wellcome to the fc community.
    i had a look at your galleries (homepage) and i am wondering why you don't put some of your pics into your fc-account.
    it would be an enrichment of the range of pics we see here ;-) !
    looking forward to seeing your pics here as well.

    Leopard mit Beute (1)
    Leopard mit Beute (1)
    kaito u. irma k.

    best regards

    have a look at our account and if you are interested in our pics we would gladly display the pic related remarks in english as well. just let us know.
  • Karen Vieira 14/10/2004 17:07

    More profile! rs (rs=smile)
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