Josef Fiedler

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I take a photo since 1952 in such a way of something about which some shake the head.

Komentare like ' well seen ', ' nice composition ' or ' successfully of ...' also.
Till 3 years I was gymn. Art pedagogue.
From in 1974-1996 I was a lecturer in photograph, pressure technologies and writing in
the university.
I have studied painting, graphic arts and educational theory in the academies of Nuremberg and Munich (1968).
After I have given my Pentax 6x7,
if I work with a D 700/14-24/24-70/70-300 and PS6.
My admissions "may be 'uncool" for one or different a little.
I keep while taking a photo to what to me with my painted pictures
it is important.You may look for my works under nano8746 at FC.
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Sb 900
Leica D-Lux
Manfrotto Tripod