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Hello lovely Photo friends

My name is Joerg and I am born in Duesseldorf Germany in 1965. The last seven years I had work as an Operations Supervisor in a Courier Company for special transports for Biological Samples and all other human material which means frozen Infectious blood samples or human hearths and Doping Test Material and Laboratory Mice and Rats for example. Furthermore urgent shipments for other kind of reasons like Aircraft parts and Videotapes and so on. Now in the middle of my midlife crisis I am wanted to change my life to what I wish to do my whole life to be live in a beautiful Country with friendly people and working as a Photographer and Author of novels to pay my life. Also I would like to help the nature and the wolves in Canada which I love very much because they are so gorgeous and Intelligent which is a good mixture and rare on earth. I see the beauty dieing on these world and this makes me very sad and depressive because I am a Philosophic thinking human and this is a painful talent I think and feel for my own. Another talent of mine is to be very flexible to found a solution for any kind of problems in my Job and a huge sarcastic humour and vocal games to create like anus cork as example my last one which could be come maybe to history. An anus cork is for me a worse bad liar whom I hate and make me worse thinking and my appeal is to pop the corks for a better world living for each. Also I was a contrivance one time in my life but it wasn’t successful and depreciated by the Government. No one like my pain pillow which is a wooden plate with 150 rustiness nails covert in the cushion and placed in the night on my driver seat, instructional and painful also scream secure and cheap simple funny brilliant isn’t it. Worse isn’t it definitely not for me but necessary because I paid once 1500 € regarding none pain pillow. Only one other option I would prefer as a much more bad was a bear trap with Piranha teeth from Gillette.

I think I had told you a lot of my Person and hope I make you laughing about the anus cork I wish to take place on my pain pillow nude in the dessert. It would be a great pleasure for me to hear your comment about anus cork and my pain pillow and if you would like to use it also for your mother-in-law for example.

An ugly true is to telling the true is always a fault I had learned but I go ahead with it because it is better for me. That’s why I telling you know without to be feeling shame that I buy a fishhook to upgrade my pain pillow louder screaming.

Thanks for your attention


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  • Wilhelm Harlander 13/03/2005 16:44

    Servus Joerg,

    viele Grüße aus München - Germany.

  • Michaela R 01/03/2005 15:14

    Hallo Jörg,
    wie schön - Du warst auch schon in Australien! Hoffe, Du zeigst uns hier in der FC noch mehr Fotos von diesem Trip.
    Grüße Michaela
  • Dirk Hofmann 12/02/2005 1:35

    hi joerg!

    i also want to say "welcome" to!
    this is a place to look at, thing about and discuss photos and i'm quite sure that you will find a bunch of nice people around here which share your hobby!
    hope you'll have the fun i have since i became a member!

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