Jeff Worsnop 1945

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Been photting for 50+ years and now use Sony A580 with Zeiss 16-80, , Tamron SP70-300 and Sigma 105. Print with Canon Pro9000.
Got LRPS last year. Now thinking of what to do for ARPS.
Shoot mainly rural and urban landscape with plenty of other bits and pieces. Do not photograph people ( have bad/no social skills) or other living creatures
Live in Chorley, Lancashire, England.
Was born in 1945 and now retired.

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  • alexander stefanatos 21/01/2013 21:40

    HP5 and other similar excellent films are becoming..collectors items nowadays Jeff I,m afraid. And for us all, the old Mohicans, there are only some nostalgic darkroom memories that remain to remind us of another era that even my doughter that presently studies photography to a great extent ignores!...
    Keep fit. alexander stefanatos
  • Andy-Wood 20/01/2013 20:01

    The Bridge
    The Bridge

    nearly ... it's not far away... Smithills Hall !
  • alexander stefanatos 19/01/2013 22:02

    Your steam engines b+w photos are marvellous Jeff
  • Owen McLeod 19/01/2013 6:06

    Shore Dream
    Shore Dream
    Owen McLeod

    Thank you. Considering the quality of your work, it means a lot to get your kind words.
  • Andy-Wood 09/01/2013 23:20

    View from the bench
    View from the bench

    Thanks for the comment.
    I'm sorry Jeff, I don't know the name of the hill, but where I am stood is up near Darwen tower looking west.
    best regards,
  • Adele Oliver 07/01/2013 22:00

    Hello and a warm welcome to the big and crazy world of ..... I wish you lots of fun showing your images and lots of new friends and inspiration from their work.
    greetings from Canada,
    Adele - Nature Channel Manager
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Sony A580. Sigma 105, Tamron SP70-300, Zeiss 16-80.
Canon Pro 9000 printer. UseLR4 + PSE 6
Miscellaneous bits like flash gun ,tripod, monopod, filters etc.
Equipment is way ahead of my photting skills but working at it.