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Hi I am a gardner and like to take photos of flowers and natur.
I living near Oslo in Norway and I am a member of Kristiansund Kameraklubb, it`s a photoclub and we give a helping hand to the International photo festival Nordic Light, it`s funn.

Nordic Light the greate and a unique photo festival in Kristiansund, hope we see a lot of new faces in the spring this year. Internet: www.nle.no

Nikon D700
Nikon D200
AF-S NIKKOR 70-200MM 1 : 2.8 G II
AF-S NIKKOR 24-70MM 1 : 2.8 G
AF-S NIKKOR 14-24MM 1:2,8 G
AF NIKKOR 50mm 1 : 1,4 D
AF MICRO NIKKOR 60mm 1 : 2,8 D
AF-S NIKKOR 18-200mm 1 : 3,5-5,6 G
AF NIKKOR 70-300mm 1 : 4-5,6 G
NIKON Speedlight SB-800

Have a nice day!
Jan-Ragnar Boland

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  • Batya4charity 09/02/2019 16:42

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    I have something
    important to discussed with you
    write me back at email we will talk better there ok.

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  • Ken Alvin Jenssen 17/12/2009 7:08

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Hope the fairytail grant all your wishes!
    Ken Alvin Jenssen

    Best Regards
    Ken Alvin Jenssen
  • Gert van der Flier 03/12/2008 18:23

    Dear Jan,
    I wish you a merry Christmas and a very healthful and happy new year 2009. Thanks for your friendship and nice comments on my pictures.
    I hope we can continue our friendship and share our pictures also in 2009.
    Best regards, Gert

  • Ken Alvin Jenssen 18/10/2008 9:54

    Hi Jan-Ragnar
    Thank you so much for the kind comment and vote resulting in my first star.
    Best wishes Ken
    Ken Alvin Jenssen
  • lei 28/06/2007 11:15

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for your nice comment, hope you have lot of fun in FC..

    Best regards
    Rose after rain...
    Rose after rain...
  • Dirk Hofmann 04/09/2006 17:26

    hope you're doing well again after the festival ... :-)

    i'm waiting for some photos ...
  • Andy Pomplun 28/08/2006 17:54

    i also want to say: "welcome"

    hope you enjoy your stay and find some new friends around here pretty soon. I am so very glad that I got the chance to meet you in personal! ... :-)


  • Dirk Hofmann 21/08/2006 12:37

    being from norway, you need to know about this one:

  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 21/08/2006 0:21

    Welcome! It's about time you found this site! Keep the pictures coming!
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